How it all started...

I made my first doggie bandana about 5 days before we adopted Luna. We were at the shelter looking for a puppy and when she ran up to us I knew she was the one. Since she had just made the trip from Tennessee to the local shelter we had to wait a week before taking her home, but that wasn't going to stop me from making it the best home possible.

Luna is a border collie mix (we think) and the absolute love of our lives. She's smart – sometimes a little too smart – and loves to play with her neighborhood friends. Whether she's romping through the snow, rolling in the mud, or chasing squirrels around the yard, you couldn't ask for a more adorable dog.

I'm a serial crafter so it only made sense to start making accessories for Luna as soon as we brought her home. I started off by making a bunch of bandanas so she would be in style with every season and holiday and I guess it just escalated from there. I made a few collars to match her bandanas, then I made bows to accent the collars, and eventually I started making scrunchies and bracelets so we could match on our walks. There's just something so nice about about having a whole matching set!

And of course, while I was making all these accessories for my girl I was starting to make them for my friends and their dogs as well. We've got some big dogs in the group and their moms complained about how few options there were so I took measurements and made custom fitted pieces. (There's no reason a big pup shouldn't look great, right?) We've gone through quite a few variations to get the sizes, clasps, and designs just right.

So finally I figured it was about time to start sharing these great accessories with everyone. I know there are plenty of dogs in the world – that come in all shapes and sizes – and I want to help them all look superb. I know I personally love it when a stranger stops me to tell me how cute Luna is and I'm sure you will too. (And, trust me, a bow or bandana will up that frequency by 1000 times 😉)

Thanks for taking the time to read about my shop and I hope you find just the right gift for your furry best friend here. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, or if you have an extraordinary pooch and need something fitting, feel free to shoot me a message and I'll do all that I can to help. All the best!

Stay Pawsitive,

Meet the Team


Owner - Designer - Maker - Dog Mom

Hi! I'm Dani, the owner and main maker here at Best Friend Supplies Co. I've been making bows, bandanas, collars & accessories for our pup Luna for years now. I hope you and your best friends enjoy!


Helper - Maker - Dog Dad

Tim is the right-hand man for all things BFSC. He handles a little bit of everything – from pressing vinyl on leash sleeves to ironing bandanas. He's also responsible for making all the market displays and (hopefully) keeping this website up to date.


Product Tester - Model

Luna is the official product tester here at Best Friend Supplies Co. Every design undergoes extensive testing to make sure it's cute and durable, and she's not afraid to be ruff. She's a sucker for compliments, treats, and belly rubs.


Assistant - Napper

Millie is the official office assistant here at Best Friend Supplies Co. She's not the most punctual worker but she's always there when you need her. Most days she can be found napping in a nearby chair and, occasionally, she get's up for a chin scratch.