I Need Space

Color: Red

Some dogs need a little extra space and that's perfectly reasonable. Whatever your pup's disposition, this leash sleeve will let everyone know that they shouldn't approach your dog and that they should give them a little extra room.

This leash sleeve is designed to help you advocate for your dog's needs while out in public. Whether your dog is nervous, reactive, or just overly friendly, letting others know about your pup's specific situation will help you both have a more comfortable and confident experience.

About BFSC leash sleeves:

  • Dimensions are 9" x 3"
  • Printed in bold vinyl on both sides
  • Canvas fabric is waterproof and washable
  • Secured in place with velcro strips
  • Fits any style of leash up to 1" in thickness
  • Tested for extreme durability by our pup Luna

We've been making leash sleeves for over 3 years and selling them on Etsy. In that time we've sold over 4000 of them, received over 1100 reviews, and have a 5 star rating.

All leash sleeves are made to order and can be customized with different color fabrics and vinyl lettering. Send me a message if you're looking for something custom and I'm sure we can make the perfect leash sleeve for you and your pup.

Shipping & Returns

All products are made to order and require up to 4 days processing time before shipping. Orders containing only leash sleeves require 1-2 days processing time.

Unless otherwise stated, all items are shipped via standard USPS Priority Mail. Shipping within the US typically takes 3-5 days. International shipping typically takes 2-3 weeks.

Returns are not accepted unless the product is damaged or otherwise incorrect. In that case, please reach out via email and we'll help resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Color: Red

The best leash sleeves available

Our leash sleeves are made from the highest quality materials and have unique features that set them apart from similar products.

Waterproof Canvas

Durable waterproof canvas can take endless abuse dragging along the ground, getting stepped on, or even at the beach.

Velcro Fasteners

Heavy duty velcro strips keep your sign securely on your leash and prevent it from sliding around.

Heat Pressed Lettering

Phrases are printed with heat pressed vinyl or screen print transfers. They can be customized in every way.

Loved By Customers

Over 1000 five star reviews on Etsy

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some extra information about our leash sleeves

Materials and Dimensions

Each leash sleeve measures 9" x 3" (when folded) and features heat-transferred vinyl or silkscreened text on both sides.

They are made from durable waterproof canvas with a hemmed edge and 6 strips of velcro to hold the sleeve in place on your leash.

Care and Washing

These leash sleeves can take a beating – we have some that we've used for years.

If they get dirty, you can wash them in the sink with warm water and dish soap. Gently scrub the fabric to remove debris, rinse and allow to air dry.

Fabric Color and Meanings

The color fabric we use for each leash sleeve follows a simple red, yellow, green system similar to a traffic light.

Red indicates that strangers should stop (ie: don't approach this dog), yellow indicates that they should exercise caution, and green means that the dog is friendly.

Our black fabric is typically used for general information like "In Training" or service dog messages.

Orange is typically used to indicate that a dog does not get along with other dogs.

We also offer blue, purple, and pink fabric for leash sleeves but we won't put cautionary phrases on these colors as it may send a mixed message to the reader.


Leash sleeves can be customized with nearly any text or symbols, as long as they fit within the 9"x3" area.

Fabric options include red, yellow, black, green, orange, blue, pink, and purple.

Text is printed in either white or black depending on the fabric color, for maximum contrast and visibility.

Custom Branding

Are you a dog trainer, dog walker, or looking to promote your brand on leash sleeves? We've worked with a number of clients to add their branding to our products, both leash sleeves and bandanas.

Reach out via our Contact page or via email for examples, details, and more information.


Wholesale and Retail

We offer wholesale leash sleeves for customers with a minimum quantity of 16 per order. There is no minimum quantity for individual phrases or colors.

We're also happy to discuss retail opportunities and we're always looking to expand our presence in physical stores.

Reach out via our Contact page or via email for pricing and more information.


About our products

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tested with our own pup
and all her friends

Compostable Packaging

We ship all of our products
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Reactive dogs are good dogs too.
Reactive dogs are good dogs too.
Reactive dogs are good dogs too.
Reactive dogs are good dogs too.
Reactive dogs are good dogs too.
Reactive dogs are good dogs too.
Reactive dogs are good dogs too.
Reactive dogs are good dogs too.